Decontamination Bag

Product Code: DEDB0105 (5 Decontamination Bags / Carton)

We believe that the future health of firefighters around the world is of paramount importance and to properly address the risk of indirect contaminant exposure, contaminated equipment must be contained in an encapsulated environment to allow it to be transported safely reducing the risk of off gassing.

DECON International identified an issue with off gassing of contaminated turnout gear and equipment during transit/transition and have developed a large sealed dry bag as a preventative measure for the encapsulation of contaminated turnout gear and equipment.

The DEKONMATE Decontamination Bag has been designed for the Transport of Turnout Gear / BA Sets / Hoses and other contaminated items from the scene to the station on the appliance and then from the station to the laundry in a sealed encapsulated environment to prevent off-gassing.

The DEKONMATE Decontamination Bag should also be used for individual officers to transport their operational uniform home for personal laundry, transport clean turnout gear when moving between work locations or when on operational deployment, preventing any off gassing in personal or department vehicles.

DEKONMATE® Decontamination Bag Features & Benefits:

  • Manufactured from heavy duty abrasion resistant PVC Tarpaulin and are large enough to fit a full set of PPE / BA Set / Hose etc.
  • Bag size approx. 400mm diameter x 900mm long.
  • Waterproof and have a single waterproof zip down one side and across the bottom allowing them to open fully for ease of loading.
  • Hand washable and can then be re-used for transporting clean turnout gear etc. from the laundry back to the station.
  • Heavy duty and designed for a 50kg load and have a dry bag sealed fold down top with ergonomically positioned handles for ease of lifting.
  • Provided with an open sided plastic pouch on the front for owner / content identification documentation. The documentation can be colour coded to identify the status, green = clean / red = dirty contents.
  • Environmentally friendly eliminating the need for single use plastic bags.