Decontamination Wipes

We believe that the future health of firefighters around the world is of paramount importance and the reality is that a simple, cost effective, on scene, personal decontamination protocol can and must be implemented by every firefighter.

DEKONMATE®’s Decontamination Wipes are for use on the skin of a firefighter is the result of significant research & development culminating in a unique formula, that removes the majority of PAHs, OPFRs, PBDEs and metals such as Lead and Cadmium from skin at the scene at the earliest opportunity significantly lowering the dermal exposure risk.

Product validation by independent internationally accredited scientific test laboratories* was undertaken with testing conducted on each of the EPA 16 PAH priority pollutants, six OPFRs, seven PBDEs and metals such as Lead and Cadmium. Dermatologically, Human Repeat Insult Patch Testing** was also undertaken and the product independently proven to be fit for purpose and have very good skin compatibility. (* West Australian Govt ChemCentre Laboratory ** Eurofins Dermatest – test reports are available on request.)

After wiping with a two-wipe protocol which is recommended for the use of DEKONMATE® Decontamination Wipes there was an average reduction in skin concentration in the analysed PAHs, OPFRs, PBDEs and metals of up to 97%, 91%, 94% and 90% respectively.

Dekonmate decontamination wipe 12 pack front and back - fighting firefighter cancer

Product Code: DEDW1224  (12 Cloths / Pack)

Dekonmate firefighter decontamination wipe recommended areas of use diagram - head, torso, chest, underarms, abdomen, groin, arms, legs

Using the recommended 2 wipes per area protocol DEKONMATE wipes remove up to:

• 97% of PAHs

• 91% of OPFRs

• 94% of PBDEs

• 90% of Metals

Firefighter hands close up holding sore arm

Features & benefits of the DEKONMATE® Decontamination Wipes:

  • We have ensured that the Decontamination Wipes are an affordable and convenient solution that can easily be supplied to all firefighters and form an integral part of their standard decontamination protocol at the scene of the fire.
  • The Decontamination Wipes can be easily integrated into current decontamination procedures and assists with reducing the potential for dermal absorption of contaminants.
  • We have developed a unique formula that removes PAHs, OPFRs, PBDEs and the metals Lead and Cadmium from the skin. The large, thick cloth is impregnated with our unique formula that reduces the potential for dermal absorption.
  • DEKONMATE®’s Decontamination Wipes is a single-use product making it compact and easily carried either on one’s person or on board a fire appliance. This also ensures freshness and prevents cross-contamination.